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excelent pvp system

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 Kastal project and the mind behind that

Already in the year 2008 I've started the Kastal project. It started just for fun with my friends to host our own wow privat server. More and more we've developed new stuff and a lot of people liked our project. In 2010 we were one of the biggest german and european wow server. Great development, awesome high performance server and a good community was created.

I want just to develope for fun this project currently - I work from day to day on new stuff and fixes.

Maybe some guys want to help me to create a new 'just for fun' project.

Greeting your admin and friend KISI

Some information about the kastal project

Custom NPCs

As in the old days I will create and modify custom NPCs with custom skills. Maybe someone will remember the NPCs in the custom instance Zul'aman or the black temple which we've motified for more fun.

PvP Ranking

We will see what we can do here :-)


I develope for the community. Maybe some guys want to help me. Contact me. You can also follow the threads in the forum I will update you with news.


We provide two shopping malls. One for the horde and one for the alliance. On every mall you can find vendors for weapons, armor, equipment and a lot of more stuff.

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